Monday, August 11, 2008


We had a BBQ to raise some funs for our mission trip to Panama and Honduras.

We started the day out with music on the lawn!

More music!

Pastor Gary (Our intern raises $150)
Here is Gary enjoying the feast of cream!

ZACH is also going to Honduras.He had rededicated hi life to Christ a couple of months ago
and got baptized last week...We raised ($500) for Zach

Zach's Brother was working but raised $1000!!!

OK, Then I got it! from all sides for both me and Luke (Zach's Brother)

So many are willing! Move over Heath!

I got $1000 and along with the other $1100 we have in, I am fully supported!!! YEA!!!

What a cool time with everyone...



Halls said...

I remember when CWC had those concerts and Pastor Dave and Melissa grilled pizzas. It was so many great memories!!!!!! Hope all is going well.

Doreen said...

You need to update this blog honey!