Tuesday, May 22, 2007

(GAPP) Youth Room is Finished - Michigan

The youth room is finished thanks to the trustees and David Engle. We are ready to rock the gates of Heaven with worship tonight from 6pm to 8pm.

Here is David in the sound booth!

Sound booth and snack bar:

Come and hear us worship : Come and fill me up

You're worthy of my praises

More love more power


The Message: Life in the Spirit - The Joy Filled Life (John 15)

The colors OF THE WALL are actually COOL: Maroon and Blue...

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The White Valley Trail Master said...

The room looks absolutely perfect! Hats off to all who labored. I am totally impressed. The sound is better than ever by a long shot, great job David. You have my confidence for the future of our sound in every room. Be there for us and God will blow the doors off your constraints. Everyone in the church needs to walk through the Gapp room to see what can happen when vision is in action.