Monday, May 21, 2007

Michigan house needs to GO!!!!

One Month...Two Months?????

We have opened the pool and are ready for our last couple of weeks in Michigan, however, we need someone to buy our home. We have already lowered the price by $10,000 and would listen to any offer.

Shadow, our dog, is Lovin Summer!

Please pray that God would bring in a buyer or we will have to sell one of our kids to pay the mortgage in Michigan and live in NJ. I am leaving with Peter for NJ around June 12th. Doreen and the kids should meet me later in the week to be in church on Father's Day (Installation Sunday for us). Then Doreen, Peter and Matt will come back to Michigan until we have a place to live in NJ. Me and Brianna will be staying at Doreen's mom's house in PA. God has a plan...


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The White Valley Trail Master said...

Just pick a kid and sell it. It will revolutionize your life. Or...sell someone else's kid, they'll never know.

IT WILL HAPPEN! Dude I have faith you will not sit on this house. Call me for encouragement.