Saturday, July 07, 2007

God moments!

It has been so cool these last three weeks in NJ. God knew what I needed and provided! This past Thursday, nine pastors from this area met at Faith Chapel for Prayer. We meet at 10:30 am every Thursday and they annointed me, the church, the sanctuary, future evangelic events, the services and the grounds. What an uplifting time of prayer as they poured out oil on my head and we knelt befor eGod and petitioned Him for this area! A good ole Holy Spirit time with Pastors from different denominations coming together for revival in this area.

On the Michigan front, my home has still not sold and I am leaving Sunday July 15th after service in NJ to fly to Michigan and pack up for our move on Wednesday July 18th...exactly 5 years to the date that we arrived in Michigan. So if anyone can help pack a truck on Wednesday Morning please be at my house. If anyone wants the house it is yours! Please pray.

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Laurel & Mike said...

Mike will be off Wednesday, but that's because it's our anniversary, and we will be doing "anniversry stuff" (wink wink)!
Have a great move!

Laurel & Mike said...

I ammend my early comment. Mike can help until noon!

Doug Gammage said...

Hey brother...I was so glad to be at CWC and to help pray you off to NJ. God Bless you, Doreen, and the kids. I plan to look in on you often to see what you're up to. If you check out my blog, you will notice that I wanted to copy your template, but thought that would not be cool. So, check out the second choice at:

In Christ,