Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Time alone with God - Fill in the blanks!

I have found that in my communt of 1 hour each way to and from my Inlaws home in the Poconos and Faith Chapel that God had prepared me with a time frame in order for me to value that time alone with Him in a busy time of transition in my life. What a lesson! I have chaged a sermon and been ministered by God in my lonelyness without my wife, Doreen. He has also shown me the joy of that sinister smile of Matthew, especially when he comes to try and cut my throat with his hand. And of course the joy and wisdom of teenage humor (HAHA) that comes with Peter.

Have you had your Appointment with God

Why? - Quit Time with God. Try this and fill in the blanks.

a. Jesus set the example to spend ______________ in prayer (Mark 1:35)
b. To discover God’s ______ and receive _________. (Romans 12:2)
c. To receive _________________ and ____ from God. (John 6:63)
d. For the joy of Knowing the Savior better. (1 Peter :8-9)
e. What does that look like?
i. Bible reading
ii. Prayer
iii. Scripture application

Just spend time with him answer a - d and let the word of God speak!

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