Monday, August 13, 2007

Heaven is singing!

Well today I did a funeral for a dear lady from our congregation, Jane Alpaugh. She was told two years ago that she had 6 months to live. Her Husband, Allen, died a couple of months ago unexpectedly.

Well Our church has over 150 people at the funeral service and I preached from 2 Corinthians 4:16 - 5:10, “Do not lose heart, though our outer man is decaying . . ." Fore some reason, God wanted me to give a bigtime salvation message. I told the story of how Dr. Tony Campolo challenged a pastor and thus the "It's friday, but sunday's a coming!" speech.

Well I told that story and then said ... Thurday morning 12:30 am, Jane's lungs are struggling to gasp for air, you see for her it was Friday. The family and I circled around her bed and prayed because to us it was Friday. We read from Rev 22 as Jane looked lifeless on her bed at home, It was Friday for us. Jane opened her eyes and took her last breath and it was immediately SUNDAY for her! Absent of the body is home with the Lord 2 Cor 5. She not only saw us around the bed but I believe she saw Jesus and her husband waiting for her.

We gave a salvation message and around twenty people raised their hand to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior!! PTL Then I asked if anyone else wanted to receive Christ and read Romans 10 and asked those who wanted Jesus in their lives to repeat the sinners prayer with me. Around a third of the people recited the prayer!!! At least over 40!!

God is working even in death as this area of New Jersey will be HIS. We prayed in amazement after cleaning the church and did not want to leave. I had been in the office since 7am, the service was at 11am and we were still at the church till around 4pm. Praise God.

Alot of the people said they were coming back to our church. Messy floors, messy walls , messy, lives and alot of Jesus!!! To Him be the Glory.

What''s next... Stand Ministry the last week of September for 5 days. We are looking for around 1,000 to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Ed in the Country of NJ...Well I have some cows to evangelize and they can talk to the farmers..

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