Friday, August 31, 2007

What's happenin'!

Well the summer is almost over and as we look back we had some great successes in two months...

  • 11 attended Penn Jersey Youth camp

  • 8 made commitments to holiness & TO BE DISCIPLED

  • 7 gave their testimony on Sunday Morning

  • We had 25 teens and 10 adult leaders in our dress for the mess event

  • We had 27 at our wet and wild kickball event

  • We already have a youth worship band (eventhough it is kinda heavy metal

  • We kick off Pulse Explosion on Sept 6th (Thursday nights)

  • This weekend we are traveling to Revelation Generation concert

  • Stand Ministries is coming Sept 26-30th

In BIG BOY church..

  • Redid the sound system

  • Purchased & Installed 3 projectors (2 front and 1 rear)

  • Purchased new computers

  • Have ADULT discipleship classes/small groups starting in Oct on Wednesday Nights

  • Children's JAM (Jesus and Me) starting (SS, Children's Church and Wednesday night)

  • Stand Ministry outreach teams

  • Committed to connect with God and connect with others

  • New women's SS class -Beth Moore (Oct 07)

  • Sunday/Monday Night football (men's event) coming with cable!!!

  • Worship team is rocking!!!! with three teens playing instruments~

  • We have seen over 30 people accept Christ as their personal Savior

  • 5-7 men meet for prayer every thursday at 6:30AM


  • Concerts of prayer every Wednesday night in Sept for Stand outreach

  • I am joining a mentoring group with our DS Dr. Wood

  • We had 76 people at our home last Sunday for an ICE CREAM SOCIAL (3 hours)

  • We had attendance over 100! (107 and 135 during the summer - Doubling our attendance)

  • We have seen a 25% -30% increase in attendance on average for two months!

On the home front...

  • We love our new home

  • We still have issues with our home in Michigan

  • Peter is in school already and hooking up with others for a band

  • Brianna has been out of the house with other girls most of the time and is doing great

  • Matt is 7 yrs old and content with video games

  • Doreen is in the worship team singing and will co-lead a Beth Moore SS class in Oct (everyone wants to be in the pastor's wife's

On a personal note...

  • I don't know how church planters do this from scratch

  • I am working twice as hard now and we have a established building and land.

  • I guess God knew my family limitations.

  • This has definitely felt like a church plant and I am not a detail oriented guy

  • I am still looking for more men/women to come along side me to cover my weaknesses

  • I am dreaming for God and it kinda scares me sometimes the things he is putting in my head

  • For Stand outreach in Sept he gave me a number of 1,000. Our church only holds 175-225 on a very good day and we have 5 services (do the math)

  • I will be faithful and let God be God.

  • I praise God for the great examples of leaders he has put in my life.

  • The great news is that I have a great Godly friend here in NJ who wants to see Faith Chapel Thrive for Jesus! PTL

  • Take a good look at our might be changing in a couple of years as we grow!


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matt and joelle said...

Whew! Iam tired just reading it.....Yeah God!