Monday, October 01, 2007


Deut 1:8 God said..."See, I have given you this Land, GO AND TAKE IT!"

God wants our obedience not our opinion!

As for our house (Faith Chapel) we will serve the Lord. We had some doubts but God said take the Land! everyone got on the field and stood their ground and we saw God show up. What a victory celebration we had Sunday morning as we submitted to God, repented of sins and flooded to altar to pray. God broke my heart and we confessed our doubt/lack of faith as well as God's faithfulness. I have never seen a group of people 80-100 strong come together in three months to stand together for the sake of the community. What a great exhibit of what God has done IN OUR MIDST and what He will do in the future as we are Obedient to HIM! We are going to take back NJ for Christ.

The stand team and our church reached families for Christ! (go to shut off the music in the red box and play the video of the stand team in our church)

We visited three schools and spoke to a total of 1,000 students and teachers (many came back to our church and accepted Christ).
We went on the radio 99.1 Star FM and thousands heard about the team, their love for Jesus Christ. (one family came from over 1 1/2 hours away and saw their three children accepted Christ for the First time.)
We saw pastors and people from churches in our area get excited for God and understand that we need each other to infiltrate our community for Christ
We had over 675 people attend our church in 5 days.
Over 200 people raised their hands to make a decision for Christ in five days!
105 people filled out commitment cards about their decision and we will follow up with them.
As God had not done enough, he has given us hope and increased our faith as a church to do anything short of sin to reach the families in our community and the world. We took in the Stand Strength team as missionaries to the world ( !

Praise the Lord!

BTW...I was added to the team, ripped a phone book and was invited to break three bricks wit the team. What a feeling of the power of God and...YES it did hurt. BUT as I train God will give me the strength so that by next year I will be breaking some big walls. Oh how God is working. I praise His Holy name!!! JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! AND HE IS COMING BACK SOON! GO TAKE THE LAND!


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