Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a WEEK!

Boy...between CWC in Michigan and Faith Chapel in NJ, my family and I were emotionally drained.

The send off at CWC was nothing short of fantastic and the reception at NJ was the same. Peter and I drove to NJ on Tuesday and then I was at work on Monday going at it with Alan, the Vice chair of FC. We purchased a projector and mics, (added two more projectors on Monday), adjusted the sound system, rearranged the stage area and prepared for a county picnic.

THAT'S RIGHT I PLAYED COUNTRY MUSIC!! I still can hear the song in my head...

It was great! Around 20-25 teens showed up and we had a big water fight and a great game of football. We had baby goats which Matt loved and could not let go of. I thought they were our food! We had burgers instead! The teens here can rock musically. Peter connected with a guitar player named Ronnie (10th grade - like Steve McCoy) and I see God doing great things through them both.

I also am blessed with a great instrumental section...Chuck - is a great guitar player and picks up stuff fast as well as Ronnie and a horn section. Sunday we did How Great is our God and a young adult, Katie, added some flute...It was Beautiful!

Dr. Wood installed me on Father's day and it was a very emotional time for me. I praise God for this opportunity and pray that I will remain faithful. I already met our police department and did not get arrested!!! I offered my services as a Chaplain and am awaiting a meeting with the big guy there.

I do miss my fellow comrades in the office at CWC. It is kinda lonely in the office by myself and I can't wait for Doreen and the kids to come back. Keep praying for my home in Michigan to sell.

God bless

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The White Valley Trail Master said...

Country music?....are you nuts? I feel your pain. Good to hear your (blog) voice.

Edward Torres said...

Yes country music and it was painful but quick!

Miss you MAN!!!